Our generous sized, well heated accommodation comprises of bright, clean sleeping quarters each with its own secure outdoor run.

All bedding, toys and treats are provided. We are happy for you to bring your dogs own belongings if you wish but please understand that if these are spoiled during their stay we may be unable to return them to you. 

As well as comfortable, clean kennels your dog will have daily access to our large exercise areas which allows them to run and play freely. If you prefer your dog to be walked we are happy to accommodate.

We will administer any medications and can cater for any special diets.  All pets must have up-to-date vaccinations.

Price List

Price per day...
Small Dog: £10.00
Medium/Large Dog: £11.00
Extra Large Dog: £12.00

Discount for 3 or more dogs sharing

Kennel Cough Rules

Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on. Kennels can be particularly suseptible so we recommend that all dogs vaccinated against this illness. Please ask your vet for further information.

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